I am a senior experienced psychoanalytic psychotherapist in North West London with a special interest in twin relationships. I am a Fellow of the British Psychotherapy Foundation (formerly of the London Centre for Psychotherapy). I was a Training Psychotherapist and Supervisor for the London Centre for Psychotherapy, and other organisations, for many years until my semi-retirement. Although I have retired from long-term clinical practice, I still offer some psychoanalytic services in a private and confidential setting:

Training and work:

My formal psychoanalytic training was completed when I qualified as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist at the London Centre for Psychotherapy. I was in full time private practice from 1981 until I retired from clinical work in 2012. The informal training and continuing research is probably life-long, and I have attended many courses and conferences in order to deepen my understanding in my practice. My work in a GP practice for seven years included assessments for patients needing psychotherapeutic help, both one-off consultations and short-term psychotherapy, or referral for longer-term help. I also engaged as an advisor to the GPs in the practice, on emotional and psychotherapeutic issues that arise in general medical practice.


Twin relationships and development in twins has become the main focus of my current practice and research. This interest originated in my clinical practice, where, among the many patients I saw, I worked with a substantial number of individual adult twins. I have written several papers and two books based on both my both clinical experience and my research into psychoanalytic work with twins. My first book, The Twin in the Transference, was published in 2004, and has been reprinted by Karnac Books, London and New York in January 2014. It is available in print and as an e-book . The second book, The Twin Enigma. An Exploration of our Enduring Fascination with Twins, was published in August 2016 by Karnac Books, and is also available in print or as an e-book.

My research into, and writing about, twins is a continuing project and a source of great interest to me. Of particular interest is the way in which we attend to the relationship between the twin patient and psychotherapist in our clinical work. Attention to the dynamic relationship between a twin patient and a psychotherapist is of the utmost importance in understanding a particular twin patient. Unless we understand the particular nature of the twin transference, we will forfeit a deep understanding of the patient at that time in the work.

I have participated in conferences, seminars and workshops on twins, their development, and their relationships with their twin and with significant other in their lives. A knowledge of the dynamics of the twin relationship helps us understand how twinship affects all the relationships twins will encounter.

The subject of creativity and the development of a mind through creative personal interactions is another interest of mine, and the difficulties that arise when more destructive forces intervene. I have a particularly interested in the links between psychoanalytic thinking and art and creativity.

Here is a link to my work on ResearchGate: Vivienne Lewin on ResearchGate

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