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Conference in Los Angeles in March 2020

The conference on twins organised by the Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies has been postponed from March 2020, until later in the year. I will keep you posted about the new date. I will be presenting my work at the conference, both clinical and theoretical, and contributing to a book to be produced from the conference.

More details to follow

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Workshop at Tavistock Relationships

The workshop on twins in relationships in December 2019, at Tavistock Relationships, was dynamic and successful. The focus was on our understanding of the nature of twin relationships and how being a twin will affect all our other relationships.

This second workshop included new material and it built on the understanding gained in the previous workshop in 2017, while also being accessible to those who did not attend the first workshop.

Participants brought their own material, both personal and professional, to the workshop, and the richness of the material created a lively and thoughtful dynamic in the workshop.