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Study Day at Northern School of Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy, Leeds UK

The Study Day at the Northern School of Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy ( in Leeds,  on March 25th 2022, will focus on developmental issues in twins. I will present my work to the participants on this course and we will look at observational studies of twins to further our understanding. It will be a fantastic opportunity for practitioners to learn more about the dynamics in twin development and relationships, and how this will affect their work.

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Conference in Los Angeles in March 2020

The Conference on Twins on LA was rescheduled to May 14/15 2021, and took place online. It started on Friday evening, with a viewing of the documentary film “Three Identical Strangers”, and comments about the film from Nancy Segal, and debated the ethical issues it raised. The following day Ricardo Ainslie presented his work with twins, followed by my paper, “Longing to be known. Twins and Identity”.

My paper generated a great deal of interest in the dynamics of twin relationships and how we work with this in psychoanalytic settings. A lively discussion opened up new ideas for exploration and further research. The paper is available to read on the Publications page. 





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Workshop at Tavistock Relationships

The workshop on twins in relationships in December 2019, at Tavistock Relationships, was dynamic and successful. The focus was on our understanding of the nature of twin relationships and how being a twin will affect all our other relationships, particularly the more intimate ones.

This second workshop included new material and it built on the understanding gained in the previous workshop in 2017, while also being accessible to those who did not attend the first workshop.

Participants brought their own material, both personal and professional, to the workshop, and the richness of the material created a lively, engaged and thoughtful dynamic in the workshop.